Day 26 – I’ve been slacking on my blog…but today is weigh-in day!

After three weeks, the question on my mind is, “does Nutrisystem really work”? Well, for me, I’d have to say absolutely. After just over three weeks, I’m averaging almost 1/2 pound per day. That’s substantial weight loss!

Today’s weight:    409.6 lbs
Weekly Loss:               4.6 lbs
Total Loss:                 12.0 lbs
Avg. Loss:                  0.46 lbs/day

Resting pulse:              72 bpm
Total Change:              -16 %

Est. Goal:               10/24/2011


Day 22 – Cheater, cheater, french fry eater!

Nothing to see here today…please move along.

Oh, except the french fries I had at lunch.

I dunno. I looked at the salad and my stomach said, “No! Hell no! I ain’t eating another salad, figure out something else”.

But, like a good little dieting soldier, I started eating the salad anyway. And my stomach said, “Hey, if you gunna keep this up, you gunna regret it”!

So the salad sat there, staring at me, hoping to fulfill its destiny. And it sat. And it sat some more. I kept glancing at it but it wouldn’t go away. For an hour and a half, that poor salad just sat there staring at me from the restaurant table, like a lost puppy in the rain.

I tried the salad again and this time, my stomach said…well, lets not go there. I pushed the salad aside and called our waitress over.

“Can I have an order of fries please,” I asked.

I had one fry…then a second…then another…and soon, I had finished over half of the fries. I heard a great sigh of relief from my stomach and a very sincere, “thank you”.

We were friends again!


  • Nutrichocolates
  • Stroganoff Sauce with Beef and Noodles

Day 21 – A really cool reward…who wants to come with?

How does someone reward themselves for achieving thier dieting goals? I’ve always used food as a reward for achieving something in the past, but things have to change. I have to completely re-evaluate how to reward myself. So, while I was reading al old issue of Sunset magazine (waiting for my wife to finish getting her Chi Gong massage…God I love her), I came across an article titled,

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Day 20 – OMG! I did pushups!

For the last month, I’ve been working out with Tracy, a great personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. She keeps my workouts interesting and varied. One of my favorite exercises (and I’m using ‘favorite’ sarcastically here) is the Plank. For those who aren’t familiar with the Plank, basically, you hold a push up position for a period of time. She kicks it up a notch by making me do this with a BOSU ball.

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Day 19 – Fear, hope, and the bathroom scale! Today is weigh-in day.

I don’t know about you, but I always meet the scale with intrepidation, anxiety, fear, hope, and a ton of other emotions. I’m always afraid I’m going to gain for some unknown reason. I know I’ve followed my diet, and exercised at least 30 minutes 3 times per week, but there’s always some fear. Then there’s hope. I want to see BIG numbers. Four, five, even six pounds would be great. I know. I know. A healthy weight loss is one to two pounds per week. But even three or four makes the pain of dieting go by faster. Well, today is my ‘official’ week #2 weigh-in. Last week I weighed in at 417.4 pounds which was a 2.6 pound loss for the week (remember, my goal is 3 to 4 pounds per week). Today’s numbers are…

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Day 18 (Easter) – 12 Things I want to do when I reach my goal of 150 pounds


On day 15, I mentioned how hard it is to stay on track during the holidays. But how can I avoid the temptations today when it’s the very essence of the day? It occurred to me that sometimes it’s impossible to avoid temptations.  So, when avoidance is impossible, remembering WHY I’m dieting can be an effective tool.

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Day 17 – I’m getting anxious…

I know you’re only supposed to weigh yourself weekly but I wanna look! Just a peek. Am I on target or not? Will I make my goal of 4 lbs? This is driving me crazy, I’ve got to find out!

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